Anne Frank: Dear Kitty

Annelies Marie Frank. I am jealous of you. Of course, one, who knows your story, would wonder why and what am I jealous of. On the contrary, one might say that it should be the other way round. Little did they know that that’s exactly why I am jealous of you. Because with you, there would be no other way round.

The time in which you lived and the place where you were born, had they been different, the world, and more specifically I, wouldn’t have known Anne Frank. Your sixteen years in this world taught you things that I, having lived a decade longer and still counting,  am still struggling to come to terms with. If anything, the more I read about you the more I realize that life, as we live it, is a mere illusion. For some it’s heaven, for some it’s hell and for some, like you, it’s a heaven in hell.

What is required to make a person happy? Of course, you know the answer but billions and billions of us, the current unhappy occupants of this world, are still having a hard time. How can it be so simple, we wonder. You know they have reality TV shows these days where 12-14 people are locked inside a house, much bigger and luxurious than your hiding, for 90 days. The challenge is same as yours, to survive (in the show). Yet they fall, one at a time. For some reason they can’t rise above their petty ego issues and narcissism. I guess it does take a World War to force the ego and narcissism out of one’s self.

The life of today has everything one could imagine, yet it seems pale in comparison to yours. Partly, because it was handed to us on a silver plate and we never had the misfortune of a war taking it all away. It’s almost comic to observe, how a devastating and destructive thing as war can shift one’s perspective on life to a gentler one. A wise person has rightly said, the value of things taken for granted is only realized when they are taken away or rather snatched away mercilessly, as in your case.

Oh! Anne Frank, what a pleasure it would have been to live with you in those troubling times, to know you beyond the pages of your diary.