Mob De Man

Mob De Man
Daddy! Daddy! I can’t sleep,
Read me a story that’s mystique.
Fly me to that land and it’s vigilant clan,
The one named Mobilesville and Mob De Man.

Sit tight and hold my hand, dear Bella,
For we journey to a world beyond stellar.

Aeons ago, Mobilesville was a town,
Where dwellers spoke in light and sound.
Mobizens, they called themselves,
Worked constantly like the little elves.

Like us, they prayed to different Gods,
Apple, Samsung, Sony, Google or Dopod.
Like us, they were divided by castes,
Smart, Feature, Tablets, Phablets or Bakwas.
Like us, they preached and followed religions,
Android, iOS, Windows, Blackberry or Tizen.

Master to their slaves, they were,
And those slaves were people like us.
Appearing to be quiescent and inanimate,
They silently robbed us of all our mates.
Fueled the fire of discrimination among us,
By morphing themselves as elegant and lustrous.
Like this, with us they played,
But that’s a story for another day.

All was jolly and peaceful in Mobilesville,
Until the fateful day.
It was the morning of the 5th day of November,
When a Pandora’s Box broke the devil’s slumber.
Devil cursed the town, in a fit of anger,
He unleashed demons and the sky turned amber.
Malware, loss, leakage and theft loomed large,
Leaving Mobizens too afraid to take charge.

They prayed and then they prayed some more,
But it seemed that God loved them no more.
Generations passed, nothing changed,
Then one day Mobizens saw something strange.
A group of masked vigilantes entered the town,
And pledged to protect Mobizens from Devil’s frown.

Mob De Man or MDM, their clan was named,
Fierce and brave, like that they played.
Trained under the tutelage of Jedi Masters,
Like Fiberlink, Good, Ariwatch, MobileIron and Citrix
They fooled the demons in their own tricks.
A moment of silence for Mobizens who got bricked.

Their victory was celebrated in a grandeur scale,
Oh! but wait, there’s more to this tale.
The battle was won but the war is on,
Mob De Man stand guard, Mobizens have moved on.

That dear Bella! Was the story,
Of a mystical land and it’s vigilant clan,
The one named Mobilesville and Mob De Man.

“Innocent” Links

Click Me! Click Me! so they say,
Innocent looking links are they;
Past the eyes of spam filter,
They often make their way
Waiting in your inbox,
Little trouble makers, they lay.

Skeptical about these links, why am I?
If only, dear net surfer, can I simplify.
For innocence is a veil so thin
And behind it lies a dangerous vilain.
For no sooner than you’ll click,
It’ll play a treacherous phishing trick.

‘How I know this?’ You become curious.
I’ll tell you the tale of a link, so malicious.

On this twelth day of one September,
I recieved a touching forward.
It said ” A child in Baharain
Is in great pain.
Doctors say treatment is possible
But kid’s unconsolable mother is facing trouble.
She has no money whatsoever
And the hope for kid grows dim and dimmer.
A little help from me could save his life.”
I clicked the link; An expensive mistake in hindsight.
Within seconds my system gave in,
Its life crumbled and I cried within.

Such was the power of that innocent link.

For your good, Oh! net surfer, I say this
Love your machine and be its saviour
Protect it from phishing, virus, spam, spyware and malware
Kaspersky, Norton, McAffee, TrendMicro or Bit Defender
All have robust firewall, anti-virus, anti-spam & anti-malware.

Take a pledge, take a vow, take an oath
To check the innocence of that link before you click
For it may play on you, a hacker’s dirty trick.

Do you have a profile?

Viewed, Shared, Abused, Stalked Who am I?
This is a story of your profile.

A few years back you visited a website
Orkut, Facebook, My Space or Google’s +
It preached you to stay connected with all
Ain’t the thing Social Networking said it all?
What a wonderful thing!! you thought
But failed to understand, it was a plot.

Friends won’t stop talking about it
So you thought lets give it a hit
Lured!! you answered some innocent questions
And thought it would add to your reputation
“Welcome!! Lets find your friends now” it said
Revealing all contacts with one click, you went ahead.

Like a hungry vulture, it kept asking for more information
And you kept supplying as if it was an obligation
In no time it knew your DOB, Address, Phone Number, Email
Marital Status, Education, Friends, Family, Likes & much more
Still you kept feeding it more and more and more
“Your Profile is now ready” it said.
But for what? You would have never guessed.

Days were passing by peacefully & happily
After all you were connected to your friends & family.
While you were happy, someone was sad and depressed
It was shouting, screaming & crying but who would help?
It was when you heard people talking of Privacy & Security
Did you wake up and realized who it was.

Like a protective father you put it behind certain locks
But is it really a way to prevent further loss?
Even under locks it is exposed to applications
Which may come in many variations.
They abuse it, steal from it and sell it
While you are content that its protected.

Why can’t you hear it cry ‘Secure Me!’ ‘Secure Me!’
Viewed, Shared, Abused, Stalked. Its your profile.

Frisky Life

Deep down in a sector of a hard disk
Lies a piece of code called Frisk
It has been there for sometime
Waiting to be executed anytime
Sitting in its lonely sector
It now reminisces the time. When it wasn’t even a line.

Eureka! What an idea for the SE project.
I will create a software that will detect a potential threat
That was the day Frisk was conceived. With bright future it seemed.

What SE model should I follow to develop Frisk?
Spiral, Waterfall, RAD or one of my own trick
Wait! oh Wait there’s a stage left
Use case, DFD, UML & SRS haven’t been made yet
Frisk aced through every stage but what came next was a critical phase.

Its time to decide the architecture for Frisk
A wrong choice will be a catastrophic risk.
n-Tiered, Client-Server, Blackboard, Strucutred etc.
Made the selection a tough task and there’s no one I could ask.
After much deleberation and thought Frisk’s future was plot.

With everything in place Frisk enetered the development phase
Being a Windows’ citizen .Net was the proven choice
I developed it piece by piece to avoid a mess of files
Having done with pieces I copmiled them into modules
And saved it from becoming a programmer’s ridicule

With few days left for delivery, Frisk moved to next stage.
A threefold stage of Assembly, Compilation & Execution came.
Assembly of modules gave a prototype which was then set to compile.
After bug elimination and successful execution I gave a smile.
I named this verison as Alpha with later being called Beta & Gamma.
The end of this stage was a relief but will the final stage turn it into grief?

The next stage was every software’s worst nightmares
As it involved puting it through a series of tests that scare.
Frisk too was to be put to multiple tests;
Black Box, White Box, Stress test were only few of them.
It faced every test with strength and courage
And matured into a better software package

Alas!! the time came and Frisk was unveild
It bagged lots of praise and I felt great

Sitting in its lonely sector.
It now smiles as it reminisces those old times
When it became much more than a line.

Will you JQUERY me?

Webbi, a marvelous website
Impressive, it soon became everyone’s homepage site
Developed in the days of HTML 2 and CSS 1
And advanced as never seen by one
Scripts, flash, .net none was there
Simplicity & Efficiency made it web developers’ dear

Those were the days Internet just came in
And Webbi was the next big thing
People loved Webbi’s navigation and content
Each page depicted creativity and innovative intent


Old Webbi Ugly Webbi No longer a star
Sad and jealous of those who are
HTML 5, CSS 3, PHP, JSP, ASP now rule the world
Add to this FLASH, JavaScript, JavaFX, FLEXI & SILVERLIGHT and enter Web 2.0 world
RIA concept was catching on fast
Making Webbi a long forgotten past

Webbi, tired of low hits
Decides to redesign its bits
One day it came across JQUERY
A well documented, write less do more JavaScript library
JQUERY showed Webbi a new world
Animate() was no longer just a word

The ease and simplicity of implementing JQUERY
Made it highly popular in designr’s community
Webbi had made its mind
And replaced all its content by just one line
“Will you JQUERY me?”

Ma! Can I play?

Looking back, I remember that day…..

Ma! Ma! I wanna play
Ma, “First complete your homework without delay”
Ma! Ma! I wanna play
Ma, “Not now its too late”
Ma! Ma! I wanna play
Ma, “Ok Go half an hour don’t be late”
Ma! Ma! Why won’t you let me play?
My friends Eddy & Ted have a free day
Ma! Please let me play!! Please let me play!!

Ma! Ma! Look what I found!
White boxes producing sound
Ma! Ma! Why are they of wierd shape?
Ma, “Don’t touch ’em or they’ll break”
Look Ma it glows & here’s an arrow
That doesn’t now where to go!
See Ma! This one’s named mouse
With a picture of window but no house
Ma, “GET AWAY! or you don’t get to play”
Sorry Ma I wanna play! Please Ma don’t take it away

Its Moony time and Ma’s asleep
I go to the boxes sleeping in a flowry sheet.
They are white, they are many and they fascinate me
Like the toys God has sent especially for me.
Playing n Touching! Oh! Whats this??
A word that spells C-O-M-P-U-T-E-R with cool graphics.
I wish I could ask Ma what it means
But she would get angry and scream.
Back in bed, I close my eyes to pray
Why God! Ma won’t let me play?
I asked every single day.
Answer was only a thought away
I am the creater of next big thing as she dreamt everyday!

Lumpy Weepy Data

Lumpy Humpy Heap
Weepy Weepy Freak

Here, there it was everywhere,
Unorganized, Unprocessed with redundancy severe.
100 TB in size, it looked like a huge pile,
Of hundreds and thousands split files.
Ages ago it was called data,
But now its just trash without Metadata.

Lumpy Humpy Heap
Weepy Weepy Freak
Cheer Up! Cheer Up! Cheer Up!

Its time to smile,
You’ll be meaningful in a while.
A new concept has hit the town,
To help the business clowns.
You’ll be nourished and groomed,
In Data Warehouse your beauty will bloom.
Mining, Analyzing and Reporting cosmetics,
Will make you less cryptix.
You’ll have new Metadata,
Giving complex to rest of data.

So C’mmon now we’ll say
“M no longer Lumpy Humpy Heap”
“And I won’t be called a Weepy Weepy Freak”
“Coz now am in hands of caring geek”

Error in Love

Outside the window it was dark, inside it was lonely
Yes, it was a dark & lonely night crying heavily
As if it wanted something to happen desperately
Was it for the bug I’ve been trying to find Or for my exhausted & tired eyes ?
Who knows!! But it was comforting to know that it was there..

Last few nights saw me working, working non stop
Sitting like a nerd in front of my Laptop
I was coding, coding hard & fast
Lost in the world of Java, I became a part of its story
A story so fascinating n beautiful that I lost track of time

The story goes like this…
Once Java n MySQL were given a project
A project that required them to work together, for hours at stretch
Needless to say they fell in love, a love that’s rare n hard to find
But here comes a glitch, an error crept in and the problems began
Within moments I realized, I was the one to blame..
Even with my best efforts, I got nothing, nothing at all..

Outside the window it was dark, inside it was lonely
Yes, it was a dark & lonely night crying heavily
As if it wanted something to happen desperately
Was it for the bug I’ve been trying to find Or for my exhausted & tired eyes ?
Now I know, it wasn’t for wasn’t for me!!

Woo!! hoo!!

All the nerds n geeks worldwide
Are stuck in the following plight..

Which OS shall I use for my new machine?
Windows, Linux or some other cuisine

What shall I give priority ?
Elegance of Windows or Linux Security
Proprietary Microsoft of Open source community…

Breakin News “New virus for Windows is on loot”
And “Adobe releases a new linux only creative suite”

Easy n loopoholic Windows?
Or tough n simple Linux?

Windows has a long running chronology
3.1, 95, 98, Me, 2000, XP, vista & 7
Linux gives a variety of availbility
Ubuntu, Suse, Fedora, Red hat and on n on…

Windows has some serious resource addiction
Kind kerneld Linux shares it affection

After hours n hours of reasoning
They came to the conclusion:

Why go for a Window
When I can have a beautiful and Backtrack secured
Linux home with Debain and little Xpud & DSL,
Mint money with SuSE and show Ubuntu
While wearing my RedHat or Fedora
Linux Linux Woo!! hoo!!!

Lazy Variable

Lets Celebrate!!
A new variable is born today
Lets Rejoice!!
One data member is added to a class today

Like every infant variable,
Its mind is filled with garbage,
Which will be cleared by constructror usage.
Born to the integer family,
So it bacame an integer baby named Lazy.
Lets celebrate!! Lets Rejoice!!

With the local scope and 2 byte size,
It started its journey as programmer’s Knight.
Under the guidance of a pointer,
It learnt the tactics of playing with processor.
Lets celebrate!! Lets Rejoice!!

On its way it met another variable,
Of size 8 byte and type double,
converting its type to the one with dot
They became double couple as per programmer’s plot.
Lets Celebrate!! Lets Rejoice!!

My friend life is short,
Thus came the time for the program to abort
So Lazy must die
Vacating the memory and saying “Good Bye”.
With Lazy gone, now there’s
Nothing to Celebrate!! Nothing to Rejoice!!