The Fear Slaying Warrior

When the darkness of night surrounds me and fears cloud my mind, it seems impossible to believe that any good is left in this world. The voice of fears sound as if they are real. Speaking to me as if they’ve hypnotised me.

Everywhere I look I see evil. Slowly my breaths gain pace as if they want to run away from me. My body feels like it’s gripped by some tight force and my head starts to throb with pain like it’s going to explode.

I don’t know why or how I got here but I am here. Standing in the darkness of night and darkness of mind, alone. Alone, for this is how this war must be fought. Besides no one would understand what’s going within me when they see my calm exterior. This is how life is. Each of us might be fighting a war within, worse than anything human race has ever seen, yet to world it appears as if all is hail and hearty.

At this point, words like positivity and negativity seem just that, words. For there’s me and there’s fears, facing each other, ready to pounce, and only one of us is coming out of it alive.

Consider fears as white walkers. Even if you kill them they come back. They can only be beaten by the Dragonglass. I wonder what would be my dragonglass? Faith? Good memories? God? Universe? None. The only weapons I need to fight this out are my will, the strength to endure whatever comes and acceptance.

It’s almost funny when you think why fears exist in the first place. To help us avoid getting hurt, physically and mentally. But, at times, end up hurting us even more. And let me tell you the fear of mental pain is thousand times worse than any other kind of fear.

So the question still remains, who is going to win this war, me or fears?