The Ode of Gates & Retchie

Once upon a time
Two brothers resided on my H.P.
One was Windows and other UNIX
Windows was rich, handsome & expensive
And UNIX openSource, smart & free
Both shared same H.D. & R.A.M.
But rarely a same program.

Windows had a great U.X. & U.I.
Whereas UNIX was plain, simple & without a GUI
Both were the descendants of same Kernel
But brought up by different personnel

One day windows saw an amazing file
And fallen for it coding style
The file was mischievous, and
Made windows switch off its anti-virus
Once this was done
It invited friends to have fun
Poor Windows! for the love of that file
Got corrupted and lost it registry & A.P.I.

It was the day I realized
That even Windows was insecure & got compromised
It tried hard to survive
But it was of no use until its config. was revised
So it called out UNIX for help
UNIX with all its power & all its commands
Fought with the file & friends and restored the DOS command

This is how my HP lives
When one gets screwed
The other sets it right
Always remember
Simplicity beats clever mind!!

Hello World goes missing

Hello world
Hello world
Where are you?
Our qouets are misin you
Hello world
Hello world
Where are you?
All newbies are waiting f0r you

Oh! hello world!
Without you all the languages are sad,
And drivin programrs mad
Hello world
Hello world
Where are you?

Come fast oh hello wrld!
Else programing will be a horrifying word
Programmers specie wil bcome extinct
As C, C++, Java, ASP, PHP, JSP will leave their instinct!
Hello world
Hello world
Where are you?

Just as the crying of a newborn baby
You are the first words of every newbie
You give hope & confidence to code ahead
Without you world will be a blank PC, blinkin red
Hello world
Hello world
Where are you?

Cupid hits the Compiler

Come! Oh Code

Come! and show me what you have

Let me analyze you bit by bit

To find the programmer’s glitch

I know you are the creation of a star

But I am sorry for being so harsh 🙁

We’ll have loads of fun

Because your structure says you are well done 😉


Come! Oh Code

Come! and show me what you have

I’ll take you through the stages, yet unknown

Lexical, semantic, syntactical analysis will feel like home

I’ll parse you like none other ;-D

And then we’ll generate the machine code together

If I find any errors

I promise I’ll not leave you in the middle of nowhere


Come! Oh Code

Come! and show me what you have

For you I can give the programmer sleepless nights }:-D

Until he spots that small mistype

Don’t worry I’ll force him to make you perfect

For its my duty to keep your architecture erect

And when all this done

You’ll be the wonderful executable combination of zero and one