Shoe on Head

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Imagine the pre-fight scene from a Bollywood movie, where the hero is under the captivity of the villain or the post-fight scene where the villain is exhausted after being beaten mercilessly by the hero. Both have one thing in common, shoe on the head. In the pre-fight sequence it’s the villain’s shoe on the hero’s head whereas in the post-fight sequence it’s the other way round. In those days, it was considered to be the ultimate form of humiliation and character degradation one could suffer.

Back in June, 2006, the act of putting shoe on one’s head caught the fancy of the internet, with two major differences. First, the person on whose head the shoe was to be put had to do it themselves, given the virtual nature of the internet, thus creating the phrase ‘Put Shoe on Head‘. The second major difference was in the context. On the internet, Put Shoe on Head wasn’t always used as a way of humiliation. It started out as a request of sexual nature on websites providing such services. However, with time it morphed into a symbol of pwning someone over websites such as or

What does it look like?

Below are few samples safe for work:


(The above images are used purely for representational purposes and are not meant to offend or humiliate anyone. )

What does it represent?

Put Shoe on Head is common source for lulz, a mean and nasty version of lol. Lulz means having fun and laughing at someone else’s expense.


Though primarily it’s used for lulz. However, recently it has been used for other purposes as well: