Suit Up



A new season of Suits begins tomorrow. Excited? Well, not really. Though it’s a great show but it’s no Boston Legal. While both the shows are based on legal regime but this one has off late gone off the wire.

The last season was a sheer disappointment. While I expected to see more of cases but what I got was just one case, dragged into 10 episodes. The entire season seemed to focus on Specter vs Pearson instead of it’s original theme. In simple terms it was more of politics than law.

Having said this, there are indeed a few things that I am looking forward to in this season. The first one being the end of last season where Louis Litt finds out that there are no records for Mike Ross in Harvard. Second, is the relationship of Mike and Rachel. How will it work out now that Rachel has a choice to make? And the last, the firm getting their shit together and move on to bring the show on right track.

As Harvey Specter said, “Life is this _ I like this -“. Right back at ya Mr. Specter.