Solutions to Python Logic Challenges

It’s been a long time since I posted here. Things have happened between then and now, but we’ll talk about that some other day. Few readers have approached me to check when will I be posting the next part of the story, the answer to that is ‘soon’.

Today, I have decided to launch a new category dedicated to computer programming or famously known as coding. Computer programming has been a long time interest of mine. However, due to certain reasons I had lost touch with the art. Now I want to revive that interest. Hence, a new category. Let’s call it Coding-Shoding or #CoSho.

During my school and college days, I’ve had hands-on experience with C, C++, and Java. This time I wanted to try something different. So I chose Python. To begin with, I’ll be using this category as a medium to share my progress.

Though there are numerous books and videos available over the internet, that help one to master this language, I prefer to start with simple resources. That’s why I’ve picked up a school book series, titled ‘Progress in Computer Science with Python’ by Sumita Arora as a starting point. These books are written as per the syllabus laid out by the CBSE board. Each book is accompanied by Practical Book. Over the course of next few days, I plan to solve problems given in these books and post their solution here. I might leave out certain problems which I feel are too trivial to solve.

The programs I am sharing today are solutions of problems given in the Logic Challenges section of the practical book for class XI. These might not be the most optimal solutions but they are working. I am always open to a better code. Feel free to reach out.

Solutions to Logic Challenges (Progress in Computer Science with Python Practical Book XI by Sumita Arora)