The Boston Legal Syndrome


About 2 months back I got hooked to this series and since then, many of my discussions carry references from it. Talk about the upcoming elections and you would hear me ask, “Are you a Democrat or a Republican?”. Talk about online privacy and I would say, “you know there’s an episode in Boston Legal which had such a case and Alan Shore won.”. A discussion on why government is using outdated technologies would go like this, “There was a similar case in Boston Legal wherein Alan Shore argued that the U.S.A has such brilliant minds in the field of technology why can’t the government take their help? Why are they still riding on a centuries old system?”  and so on.

I know that it’s set in the US but the cases shown in this series, be it cigarettes, pharma, abortion or employment, would be relevant in any country and one could easily relate to them.

And it’s not just the cases that I love about this series. Even the characters shown are very impressive especially those of Alan Shore (James Spader) & Denny Crane (William Shatner).  Those guys are simply amazing and watching them argue (even the weirdest of cases) and doing crazy stuff (for e.g. shooting people with paint ball guns) is so much fun. There wasn’t a single moment in all of the 5 seasons where I felt bored watching them.

Last Saturday (1st March, 2014) I finished the 5th season and I was left craving for more of it. If you like to watch shows with an element of intellect in it, go for this one. It might become the best show you’ve ever watched.

Would like to end this post with following quote:

“Don’t try to get in my head…you will only find a mess.” – Alan Shore